World Cup Proves Immigrants Have No Loyalty

Article describes how rioters set blazes and pelted cars after Belgium lost to Morocco. So far so good.

But the title, and the article, completely misses the point. Croatia, Poland etc. had all lost football matches, but they never experienced violence on such a scale. Worst case scenario, some drunken fans would get into the brawl, and that will have been it.

So what is happening?

The article actually provides the answer in its second paragraph: “Morocco’s victory was a major upset at the tournament and was enthusiastically celebrated by fans with Moroccan immigrant roots in many Belgian cities this evening. “.

Celebrating rioters set fire to cars and threw bricks at shops and the people. Police was mobilized, and residents were warned to avoid the center of Antwerp. In Liege, some 50 Moroccans attacked a police station.

These violent “celebrations” are a very good proof of the failure of the entire concept of civic nationalism. In order for a country to be stable, it has to have a significant monoethnic core. Historically, this can be well seen on the example of Belgium and Netherlands. These used to be one country under the Spanish crown. But when the Dutch decided to rebel, Belgium remained loyal to the crown.

In fact, it is very difficult to find cases where a multiethnic country didn’t descent into civil war, eventually. The exception to this rule were premodern monarchies, for the very simple reason that these were collections of monoethnic groupings. Habsburg Monarchy for example had many ethnicities within its borders, but up until 1867. all of them were essentially independent and only united by loyalty to the Crown. But when real union was established by the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867., Monarchy’s fate was sealed. It would fall apart only 51 year later. Neither of succeeding states would have more luck: Kingdom of Yugoslavia lasted 23 years, and only external support and extreme levels of internal tyranny allowed the Socialist Yugoslavia to last some 45 years. While it could be argued that the Kingdom had bad luck of running into Hitler, it is also a fact that by 1939., internal pressures had become so great that the kingdom was about to fall apart if nothing had changed from its progressive “we are all one people” concept. Thus in 1939., Banate of Croatia was established. Establishment of such ethnic federal units may have allowed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to continue, but the alliance between two tyrannical entities – Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – and consequent German expansion meant that its time had run out.

All of this has major implications for the liberal world order. Most significantly, concept of civic nationalism and attempts to establish a functioning modern state on the concept of ethnic and cultural diversity are bound to fail in the long run.

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