North Dakota Man Murderes a Teen For Being a Republican

Shannon Brant (age 41) plowed into teenager Cayler Ellingson (Age 18) vehicle after a political argument. He claims the teen was a “Republican Extremist” and has been released on bond.

Naturally, there were no protests, no violence over a politically motivated murder of an innocent teenager. Because he was a conservative, and white, and according ti Leftist logic these things automatically made him guilty and deserving of death.

Murder itself was highly deliberate. It was not an accidental crash. Rather, Shannon chased Cayler into an alley and ran him down because of the political argument they had had. After doing this, he called the police to brag about his murder. He genuinely could not understand why he was being arrested and thought killing people for being conservative was legal.

Brandt – who was also charged with leaving the scene of the fatal accident – left the area after the collision, then returned and called 911 before leaving again, according to the court documents and the highway patrol. Brandt told a 911 dispatcher the victim was “part of a Republican extremist group,” according to court documents.

Ellingson’s mother gave investigators a drastically different version of events, court documents show. She said the teen had phoned at about 2:41 a.m. to ask if his parents knew Brandt, which they did. He then called again a short time later and “stated that ‘he’ or ‘they’ were chasing him,” and after that she was unable to reach him.

This is clearly a consequence of Leftist scaremongering mentality. If everyone who disagrees with you is a literal Nazi, and violence is allowed against Nazis, then it is natural for Leftists to use violence against anyone not a Leftist.


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