Hungarian Jewish Organization Wants to Genocide Hungary?

The “Holocaust survivors” have called out Viktor Orban for stating that Hungarians do not want to become the people of the mixed race”. This is not something that should be controversial or problematic, as mixing different ethnic, let alone racial, groups is nothing short of the genocide.

Yet the International Auschwitz Committee, which represents Holocaust survivors, called Orban’s speech “stupid and dangerous”. It also called on the EU to continue to distance itself from “Orban’s racist undertones and to make it clear to the world that a Mr. Orban has no future in Europe.”.

Apparently, that is precisely what the chief rabbi Robert Frolich wants, writing on Facebook that “There is only one race on this Planet: the Homo Sapiens,”. This claim is bullshit, as race is a biological category, but it has always been pushed forward by promotors of genocide.

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