Leftism and Mental Illness: New Statistical Evidence


1900 words
10-15 min read


  1. Historical Analyses
  2. Statistical Support for ‘Leftism as Mental Illness’
    — Mental health: Initial data, Left vs Right
    — Sample demographic breakdown
    — Mental health: Left vs Right, male vs female
    — Mental health: Left vs Right
    — Mental health: By party affiliation
    — Average happiness: Left vs Right, male vs female
    — Mental health: Final meta-analysis
  3. Supplementary Statistics: Political stances, Left vs Right
    — Ethnocentrism
    — Diversity and Immigration
    — Marriage and Family
    — Abortion
    — Urbanization
    — LGBT
    — Religion
    — Gun Control
    — “Big Government”
    — Summary Image (All Issues)
  4. Conclusion
  5. Appendix: Leftism Visualized

1. Historical Analyses

I imagine that most people reading this article will be familiar with the phrase “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” The apparent link between mental illness and political Leftism (of all strains) is not a revolutionary observation. For centuries, various thinkers from across the political spectrum…

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