Democrats are Using Buffalo Shooting as an Excuse for Domestic Tyranny

As expected, the Left did not waste any time to use the Buffalo shooting – done by a person who is possibly a deranged leftist – to tighten their tyranny and introduce even more controls.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed executive orders on Wednesday to enforce more state gun control laws. Apparently she has missed the memo that shootings are more frequent where the gun control laws are tighter, as only criminals have guns in those areas. The main factor in gun shootings however is diversity – greater ethnic diversity always leads to more murders, including gun-related murders, and to eventual collapse of the society. If she really wanted to protect people from being murdered with guns, she would be advocating for the principles of ethnic pluralism. But leftists will never admit to being wrong, especially when lying about causes allows them to push forward their agenda of concentrating all power in the hands of the government.

Naturally, she has also blamed the “white supremacy” for the attack. When a black racist shoots people, he is “mentally ill”; when a radical Muslim shoots people, he is “mentally ill”; but when a white mentally ill person (furry porn on cellphone) shoots people, he is a “white supremacist”. And apparently there is mainstreaming of the hate speech, “including white nationalism, racism and white supremacy” (reality check: only hate speech in the mainstream is directed against the white people), and the easy access to military-style weapons and magazines (does she even know what a military-style weapon is? Bushmaster XM-15, which Geydron used, is not an assault or a military-style weapon. It is a semi-automatic rifle for civilian use).

And even then, the problem is not white supremacy. It is diversity. If you have groups that are significantly different from each other – be it religiously, culturally or biologically – live together with no borders to separate them, violence is the only possible result. But the Left wants interracial and other violence to occur, as it allows them to push forward their lies and false solutions that all lead towards establishment of a permanent tyranny. And of course, they are only interested in portraying white people as devils that have to be exterminated: violence directed against the whites by other groups, or within those other groups, is studiously ignored.

The only significant domestic terrorism that is happening in United States is done by the Federal Government, and aimed against the people. There is no other domestic terrorism; but much like their Nazi and Communist brothers, Progressive politicians and decision-makers are making up threats in order to justify accumulation of power in their own hands.

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