Austrian Government Desecrated The Monument to Bleiburg Victims

In a newest example of far-Left Marxist insanity, Austrian government decided to desecrate the monument to Croatian soldiers and civilians who had been murdered at Bleiburg by Communist partisans. Specifically, they removed the historic Croatian coat of arms as well as the part of the text that reads “U čast i slavu poginuloj hrvatskoj vojsci”.

Austrian – as it seems clear now, Communist – government might also ban the commemoration at Bleiburg beginning with the next year, only allowing the church service.

Both initiatives came from the Communist parties – the Greens, OVP (Austrian People’s Party), SPO (Social Democratic Party) and Neos (New Austria Liberal Forum). They were however also supported by “historians”, members of the Catholic Church, Ministry of Internal Affairs and government of Koruška.

Unlike what Leftists write on a regular basis, Croatian soldiers murdered there were not Nazis. Majority of them were the regular troops of Independent State of Croatia, who had joined the army to defend their families from Mihailović’s imperialist or Tito’s Communist murderers.

Last year, Austrian government has banned the symbols of HOS, Croatian paramilitary organization that played a key role in defending Croatia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbian imperialist aggression. In terms of war crimes and general conduct and humanism in war, HOS was by far the “cleanest” unit in the 1990s wars on the area of former Yugoslavia. But Austrian government apparently has swallowed the Communist propaganda pill and thus decided to declare HOS a fascist organization, contrary to facts and all logic. Case to ban HOS symbols was likewise pushed, and welcomed, by the watermelon party as well as several other far-Left political parties in Austria.


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