Austrian Coat of Arms Glorifies Genocidal Ideology

Above is current Austrian Bundesadler, or coat of arms. As Wikipedia states, the symbolism is as follows:

  • The Eagle: Austria’s sovereignty (introduced 1919)
  • The escutcheon: Emblem of Austria [de] (late Middle Ages, reintroduced 1915; see also: Flag of Austria)
  • The mural crown: Middle class (bourgeoisie, introduced 1919)
  • The sickle: Farmer’s class (peasants, introduced 1919)
  • The Hammer: Working class (introduced 1919)
  • The broken chains: Liberation from German occupation (added 1945)

Both broken chains and the hammer and the sickle are widespread symbols of the Communist ideology. Broken chains were added in 1945., as a way of marking the liberation from German occupation. There is, however, no excuse for the hammer and the sickle. The original proposal for coat of arms was even more deeply connected to Communism:

This coat of arms looks almost exactly as various Yugoslav coat of arms, all of which combined the wheat wreaths representing peasants with the hammer and the sickle representing the working class. And it is, in fact, based on the same classicist logic as various Communist coats of arms.

This proposal thankfully didn’t make it, but the large amount of Communists in Austria, both post-1918. and post-1945., ensured that the current Austrian coat of arms still bears scars of Communist ideology.

This makes it rather ironic, but also expected, that Austria has banned symbols of Croatian Defense Forces, as well as the historic Croatian coat of arms under the excuse that it was used by the Ustashi. Austrian Government has also desecrated the monument to victims of Bleiburg because it contained said historical coat of arms.


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