Operation Flash 1995 – Part 1

History and War


Serb rebellion against Croatia had been stoked by Belgrade in support of its own expansionist plans. Serbia’s goal was to use the Serbs in Croatia as a fifth column, with rebellion and establishment of SAO Krajina eventually leading to an outcome where Serb areas on Croatia and Bosnia would be annexed by Serbia itself, thus leading to establishment of Greater Serbia – an imperialist Serb project half of whose territory would consist of areas that never were part of any Serb state throughout history. Western borders of this state would be on the line Virovitica – Pakrac – Karlovac – Ogulin – Karlobag, which means that majority of Croatian historical lands would be part of Serbia.

Serbian leadership hoped to fulfill this goal with the help of Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) and the rebel Serbs in Croatia itself. Serb rebellion in Croatia itself started in July 1990. in northern…

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