Reaction vs. Neoreaction, and Roger Scruton vs. himself

The Orthosphere

Since there is no functioning conservative intellectual tradition, individuals or small groups are continually reformulating Reaction from scratch.  If they work at it on the internet long enough, they are bound to run into other pockets of reactionary thought and realize they are not so isolated or original after all.  At this point, a pocket of reactionary pilgrims may either dissolve themselves into the wider community or define something distinctive about their own approach.  The neoreactionaries are now at this point.  These are a smart and relatively new group of bloggers, most of them former libertarians who came to their current rejection of modernity through the writings of Mencius Moldbug.  My own opinion of Unqualified Reservations is that it’s an amusing and often thought-provoking site; its author is primarily a theorist of power structures and social movements who specializes–like Pareto, whom he resembles in many ways–in subjecting progressivism to…

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