Pope Francis is a Genocidal Moron

Early in April, Pope Francis had called onto the european nations to offer welcome to a larger number of immigrants, and to ease the burden to states of initial entry, such as Malty, Italy and Spain. Stating that “immigrants must always be welcome”, he continued that “we forget that Europe had been created by migrants”. He further pointed out suffering of immigrants in “concentration camps” on Lybian shore after they had been sent back.

Problem is that pope Francis is a moron.

First, it is not a duty of a state to help immigrants. Duty of any country, of any government, is to protect and preserve their own people. Mass immigration is nothing short of a genocide, and thus allowing it conflicts with the primary duty of the government. Allowing it means that the government has turned against its own people and is trying to destroy them.

Second, Europe was not “created by immigrants”. It was created by indigenous peoples, who – at times – had been conquered by immigrants. But these immigrants were merely a superficial layer, imposing their culture onto indigenous peoples while being biologically absorbed. English culture is Anglo-Saxon – but their DNA is Celtic. Croatian culture is Slavic, but DNA is Dinarid – Illyrian. Turkish culture is Turkic, but population is descended from prehistoric inhabitants of Anatolia.

All and all, pope Francis is indeed a moron. And worse, he is a genocidal moron.

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