Make Maine Great Again

Vermont Folk Troth

The Tsarists of Western Maine

New Hampshire may be decried by many liberals/cultural marxists as a Yankee holdout of a bygone conservative New England though traditional folkways stem from the frontier, the rural unkempt land, and simple undeveloped land. New Hampshire can be seen as the opposite of Vermont politically though with double or more population and industry to match. The property tax pushes many folks away or to a life of rentals without end as wealthy snobs from Massachusetts, New York, and elsewhere buy up property and the disconnect from the local community continues. No matter how conservative a state may be politics is rife with squabbles this way and that, in the rural back country there’s no room for bureaucratic mumbo jumbo claptrap shenanigans rather folks are simple, direct, and to the point. The vast swaths of rural countryside revitalize the globalists plundered city to regain the glory…

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