Argument for Monarchy, Part 2 – Democracy as Failure of Human Nature

Democracy and professional psychopathy

What is even more frightening than size of democratic government is the quality of the same. In democracy, politicians are under constant pressure to gain and maintain power. Since they have a set term limit, there is a huge pressure to steal and cheat as much as possible before time runs out.

Further, politicians in modern democracy are not selected by the lottery. They are actually professional politicians – that is, they chose to enter politics. But as JRR Tolkien has pointed out, “The most improper job of any man, even saints, is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it and least of all those who seek the opportunity.”. A successful politician in a representative democracy is a psychopath who lies to voters. Representative democracy has career politicians, which means people who seek power. But people who seek power are precisely ones who should not be granted power: representative democracy ensures that power goes to those who are least appropriate to have it. In fact, 99% of politicians are actual psychopaths.

Problem is also in voters’ psychology: people admire liars and hate those who tell them the truth. Modern politician is a liar by instinct, since that is how most easily he will gain power. Psychopaths tend to be fearless, confident, charming, ruthless and focused – exact qualities which a politician needs to succeed. Elected politicians have no conscience, and typically offer excuses and place blame on the others – one of basic characteristics of psychopathic behaviour.

Authoritharian democracy

In a centralized democracy, self-rule is an illusion. In Roman Empire or feudal states, cities had high degree of autonomy. Even in Byzantine Empire, cities could determine much if not most of their own internal matters.

In democracy, only minority of populace are ever represented. Typical is two-party system (US, Croatia, UK, France), which in reality rapidly becomes one-party system when (nonexistent) ideological and practical differences between ruling parties are observed. Ruling parties legislate so as to prevent third parties from disrupting the system. Usually 1/3 of population do not vote, which means that winning party always has less than 50% support. This is because average voter recognizes that he is powerless against the state, and indeed nowhere is person as insignificant as in democracy. And even this formal representation of minority does not really happen: politicians need money for their campaigns, and this comes from wealthy donors. Since voting is merely a one-time affair, politicians actually represent the interests of those who finance their campaigns.

This question of backers is significant. Modern capitalists – especially those from finance industry and/or international magnates – share much the same psychopathic pathology of elected politicians. Yet politicians require their support to win the elections, and this support needs to be paid back during said politicians’ term in the office. And since modern large capital is in cahoots with large state, end result is that there is only one political option available: Marxist-statist power centralizers. This means that Western “democratic” countries are on an inoxerable march towards absolutist totalitarianism. Power structures in mass democracy belong to media, bankers, big business, interest groups, corporations and bureocrats; there is no room left for the people, and elections do not matter. There is no way to opt out of the system, or to change it; the whole system is akin to giving person a choice of the means of an already predetermined execution. No matter the vote, outcome is the same.

System itself is designed to divide the people into groups. This is why democratic politicians support immigration, as it allows them to create even more division and conflict within the society which then can be exploited for their own purposes. Democracy as a system is built to create and promote conflict – but it does so within the society itself, destroying it in the process. One of outcomes are violent organizations such as Antifa, which emulate Nazi tactics, from fearmongering over political violence to ritual book burning and practical restriction of informations.

Photos speak for themselves. Nazi and Antifa burning books.

While democracy is a certain road towards tyranny, democratic system cannot be removed as easily as a tyrannical ruler. A monarch could not hope to turn against his people and survive, whether in a feudal or a Byzantine system. Democratic governments do so regularly.

Monarchy is at significant advantage here. A King only benefits from uniting his people, and is not required to serve particular interests of his financial backers. Kings do not need social engineering to steal money, nor do they have the pressure to get rich before their term runs out.

Average voter

Democracy requires informed voters, but voters nowadays are anything but informed. Most people are so concerned with basic survival that they do not have time or energy to spend on crucial task of following and understanding politics. Vast majority of voters merely parrot what mainstream media serve them, with no thought or understanding.

stupidity on display

Because ruling class has media and education under its thumb, voters do not get basis necessary to form proper decisions. Public opinion is manufactured and strictly regulated. Yet they serve purpose in providing legitimacy for decisions made by said ruling class, allowing it to act more freely than it would be able to in a non-democratic system.

In order to fill hole that lack of tradition and God have left, government will provide tasks such as fighting racism and promoting diversity – thus leading people towards destroying their own civilization for the sake of feeling well. Democracy is only possible in a system where government is absolutely minimal, where there are traditions, morality and law higher than that of the state – which is to say, in a traditional, ethnically and culturally homogenous society. But democratic government takes over education and other social tasks, and in the process destroys the very basis of democracy itself.

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