Capitol Protesters did not Kill Anyone

Just like Shitlibs believe Kenosha Kyle killed 2 Black people, they think the protestors at the Great Unscheduled Tour of Jan 6th “killed” 7 people. 😂And again, the fiction they hold as canon has no basis in reality.One protestor died of a heart attack on a sidewalk. Another had a stroke in relation to her overdose that day. Another protestor… had another stroke. “B-b-but wait! The Capital Police!! 😭” Welp, let’s go over them.First one was…. damnit, a stroke days later.2 policemen committed svicide 4 days or more afterward. At the risk of sounding insensitive; what kind of crackpot counts police suicides a week later as “Jan 6th fatalities?” 🤔ONE person WAS killed though! On scene! And not at her own hand or by poor health! Her name is Ashli Babbitt. She was shot and killed by a cop as she tried to break into a room.So altogether, we have 3 protestors dying of exacerbated health issues, 1 cop doing the same, 2 svicides, and ONE fatality directly caused by the January 6th protest. And she was a protestor shot by a cop.So, uh, to reiterate if you’ve missed the point. NO ONE WAS KILLED BY JAN 6TH PROTESTORS.Have you heard any of this? Why not? Is it MAYBE because the invention of violent Trump insurrectionists on a murderous rampage is useful for these self-congratulatory petty tyrants?Loss of life is sad. But what’s worse is letting these morons spin it out of control, using it to advance more of their horseshit, and swallowing the bait whole.

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