Establishment Hates the White People

This headline says it all.

But it is not okay to be white. According to the mainstream narrative, white people are inherently evil. They are a plague upon the world which is to be destroyed. White people are guilty of slavery, racism, imperialism and various forms of exploitation – and only white people, for everybody else is merely a victim of evil whites. Fact that slavery and imperialism had existed everywhere, and long before different races started meeting or mixing, is ignored. Yet it is true – black had enslaved (and genocided) other blacks, Asians other Asians, Native Americans other Native Americans, long before white people had come to their areas. It is something that is part of human nature, and current campaign of anti-white hatred based on the “crimes of the past” makes no sense.

ADL (Anti-Defamation League), one of primary organizations for promoting anti-white hatred, has listed this slogan as a “hate symbol”.


  1. The disdain comes from Western Europeans who had a legacy of sophisticated racialism egged on by the Age of Discovery and Age of Enlightenment that they used to subjugate non-European peoples previously unseen before in “simple” forms like regular tribalism, such as xenophobia, or inter-ethnic conflict that were usually between individuals of the same continent, like in how it was in West Europe before they decided they could take on their centuries long practicing on each other on other peoples..

    While it’s true that there are non-European peoples who practice the same tribalism and inter-ethnic conflict on each other, the legacy of West European scientific racism is a whole different beast altogether and the “anti whiteness” is a reactionary to that, albeit purposefully divisive and fawning the flames for reactionary politics to crop up.

    Look, it’s completely fair to dislike people who insult white people by claiming they’re inherently racist or that they should put up with abuse but to cover it up with those lousy explanations is not doing you any favors especially when you’re not even West European or descendant of the colonies, as your ancestors had nothing to do with colonialism, imperialism, that did objectively fuck up other continents and then themselves all culminating into the 20th century that destroyed their previous forms of government and ushered in this New World Order we’re seeing today.

    “Long before different races started meeting or mixing,”
    Uh no? Races started meeting and mixing before the Age of Discovery. The different lineages in Horner East Africans, Central Asians, and various other ethnicities proves that this is false. Regardless, if your line of thinking is that races didn’t start meeting or mixing until the Age of Discovery leading to the downfalls of what you call multiculturalism then isn’t that also West Europeans’ fault considering they are the most responsible for admixing with Native Americans and blacks from the presence of their Y DNA in these groups throughout the Americas?

    I think you get your information about race and ethnic history too much from Anglo people on the internet who are influenced by racial politics that doesn’t directly affect the politics of Southeastern Europe.


    1. Humans have always been racist, ethnicist, whatever. Any healthy social animal will have a completely justified preference for members of their own group, leading to tribalism and xenophobia. And when practiced in moderation, neither tribalism nor xenophobia are bad things. Issue cropped up when this natural instinct combined with rapidly developing industrial capitalism, thus producing scientific racism in order to justify systematic exploitation of people who lived in the areas with natural resources.

      And part of the reason why I wrote the article is exactly that: my ancestors had “nothing to do with colonialism, imperialism,”, yet when you look at what is happening in Croatia right now, establishment is pushing the exact same multicultural leftist ideology that they are pushing in the Western Europe. In other words, multiculturalism / multiracialism has absolutely nothing to do with historical colonialism, and everything with Left’s hatred of anything that is healthy and natural. This “objectively fuck up other continents” claim is an excuse, but it is not the real reason why the Left is acting the way they are.

      “Uh no? Races started meeting and mixing before the Age of Discovery.”. Not on any significant scale. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule; but rule was that different ethnic groups, let alone different races, did not mix. State of the transportation technology simply did not allow it.

      And yes, Western Europe was always a source of various degenerate behaviors.


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