Leftist Hypocrisy as a Tool of Victory

It is nothing new that leftists are hypocrites. They say one thing, but think another. They accuse others of things they are doing themselves, and then pretend that they are doing it out of concern for the society.

The above is nothing new. Left has been using language to control the discourse since forever: “racism”, “sexism”, “privilege”, “human rights”, “progress”, “hate speech”, and other such claptrap. Racism is their favourite accusation, but the Left is regularly racist against the white people. Same goes for sexism: the lefties are regularly sexist against men. As for privilege, the less said the better: average leftists is far more rich and privileged than average rightist. Majority of leftists are college professors, politicians, or other high-income, high-heel positions. Leftists such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and even former President Barack Obama often tell us that the rich are too rich or that some people can have too much. Elizabeth Warren’s reported average net worth is $8.75 million. Bernie Sanders’ net worth might be up to $2.5 million. Joe Biden has acquired almost $15 million in income since leaving office in January 2017. An author J K Rowling is highly concerned with “refugee rights” and advocated open borders ever since the start of the European immigration crisis, yet she lives nearly alone in a massive villa, far out in the country, and never had to face the “cultural enrichment” brought in by the refugees.

Despite all of this, they are winning. And the hypocrisy is big part of a reason why. Sure, a right-winger (or even a moderate left-winger) can point out the far left’s hypocrisy. But the leftists don’t care. They don’t care that they are hypocritical liars. They don’t care that their heroes are genocidal mass murderers. They reinterpret the history and the reality as it suits them, and back it up with emotional arguments. They cannot be fought with logic, only with emotion – but they had made sure that positive emotions such as nationalism, national and ethnic pride, and love for one’s own people, culture, nation and history, are associated with evils of Nazism. And since they control the media, their narrative wins – despite their favourite ideology of Communism being even worse than Nazism, Communist heroes are regularly celebrated, and Communism itself is being introduced into the West under guise of Progressivism.

Part of this comes down to World Wars and their incorrect interpretation. World War II in particular has served as a foundational myth of modern West. But it is inherently destructive for the western society, and the fact that it serves the role it does means that the West is left without foundation. Leftism is based around hatred for the West and for the white people, and the mythology surrounding the Western history – colonialism, racism and genocide, all of which are made to seem uniquely Western – enabled them to create a generation of self-hating creeps that are destroying everything their forefathers had built.

But the main cause is the nature of leftism itself. It is not an ideology based on logic, it is based on emotions. As a result, leftist ideology demands a certain amount of cognitive dissonance that pretty much demands you have to not only be hypocritical to follow it but also be blind to your hypocrisy. And this is caused by the fact that leftism is not based in reality. It is an ideology of pipe dreams, of could-have-beens and should-have-beens. Everything they believe is false, yet it is precisely this fact that makes the leftist ideas so powerful: reality is ugly, and it is a natural human tendency to seek an escape from it. Self-destructive, but natural, and so many people follow it. And when leftist policies fail, they blame greed, racism, privilege and so on, instead of facing reality – largely because, if they had been capable of facing reality, they would not have been leftists in the first place.

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