Pope Francis Advocates for Genocide

Pope Francis is promoting genocide. Again.

Pope Francis visited Lesbos, after he had, in Friday, condemned the current migrant crisis. Or rather, instead of condemning the migration crisis and the people and ideologies using the migrants for their own purposes, he condemned the people trying to preserve their own.

Pope Francis stated that “little had changed” since his last visit five years ago, and – for second day in the row – called out those using migration for political purposes. He said that “It is easy to shake the public opinion by implanting fear of the other”, continuing that “It is far away causes that have to be attacked, and not the poor people who pay the price and who are even being used for purposes of the political propaganda”. He concluded that “We now live in an era of walls and barbed wire”.

To be clear: Pope Francis is not completely wrong here. It is indeed the far away causes that have to be attacked, so as to remove what is causing migrations. Africa should receive help to raise its living standards to levels of Europe, and ensure that everybody has access to internet and television there. This, once done, will lower its natality to sub-replacement levels and thus solve both the poverty and overpopulation issues in one stroke – even if latter might take some time.

But until that is done, Europe has to protect itself. And that means making Europe itself as undesireable target for immigration as possible – which among other things means barbed wire and border police.

Of course, there is no interest in circles of power to help Africa. Nobody there cares about Africans or their plight. In fact, it is in their interest to keep Africa poor, with unbearable living conditions and unsustainable levels of natality. African immigrants are a weapon, weapon aimed at hated white societies and used to create in Europe a multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural society, a society with no identity and no loyalty, no past and no future. A society, in other words, that will be easy to rule, easy to exploit, and easy to tear down once it has served its purpose. A fragile society with a stamped-on expiration date.

Pope Francis does not care either. He is a Catholic, but his interpretation of Catholicism has made him a globalist. While he opposes illegal migrations, he merely wants to have them replaced by legal channels. He wants everybody to ignore numbers of migrants and consequences their arrival will have, and see them only as individuals in need of help. In other words, he wants people to reject reality in favour of some universal ideal that had been time and again shown to be unworkable – most recently and obviously with Communism, but this fact had been evident time and again ever since the Middle Ages, as the Christian oikumene had failed to stop tribal conflicts among the baptized peoples. Consequences of immigration and diversity, quite obvious in increased conflict, violence and political tyranny experienced by all diverse societies, apparently do not concern the Pontiff – he seems to be quite willing to talk good talk about human dignity while showing utter ignorance of, or else contempt for, the conditions necessary to assure that said dignity is actually recognized and respected.

Pope Francis attacks primacy of economic interests in treating of migrants, but it is precisely those economic interests which drive immigration advocacy. Their humanism is a lie. Goal of mass immigration is to establish and maintain an ultra-consumerist society by 1) introducing low-wage or even slave workforce into the society, 2) diluting the ethnic and social homogeinity and 3) destroying the forces holding the society together. Once basic ties of common heritage (that is, ethnic identity), common culture (cultural and religious identity) and common interests (national and political identity) have been destroyed – as in multicultural societies they have been – all that is left is an individual, open and exposed to forces which seek to take away his humanity and exploit him as one of cogs in the machine of a new, 1984-esque world.

Pope Francis likewise condemned usage of migrants as pawns in political games. But again he failed to notice – or simply ignored – that it was the globalist advocates of immigration who first used migrants as pawns in their games. European Union has attempted to force unwilling member states to take in migrants – or rather, Germany tried to force Eastern European states to take in the waste after it took everything that was of use to German capitalists – and once refused, it tried to force the issue with sanctions. Various NGOs are taking migrants from African shores to Europe attempting to shore up their leftist project of their cosmopolitan, technocratic and tyrannical Brave New World. Again, victims of various globalist and leftist political machinations are being attacked as evil tyrants. Pope Francis wants countries to ignore their political needs when faced with human suffering, not seeing (or perhaps deliberately ignoring) that this suffering had been engineered for political purposes, and that countries refusing to defend themselves will not stop the exploitation and oppression of migrants.

Therefore, Pope’s call to “make migration a conscious choice instead of a desperate need” completely misses the point.

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