John Lennon Was A Terrible Person


It’s entirely possible that you missed out on a pretty interesting news story this afternoon. If you managed to dodge all the “David Cameron loves Pigs” memes and closet racist comments about the refugee crisis then you’ll have no doubt saw a cluster of people going crazy about news about John Lennon. Sadly, or thankfully for those who detest the Beatles, it wasn’t the announcement that he had been ressurected but rather a shocking piece of footage.

Unlike most cases of celebrities being ignorant and outright offensive, Lennon won’t be able to defend himself of apologise seeing as he’s, well, dead. In fact it’ll have been 35 years this December since he was assasinated by Mark David Chapman. Although his status as a music legend is pretty much set in stone at this point, it hasn’t stopped many criticising Lennon both before and after his death for a lot of…

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