Croatian Media and Police Covering Up Migrant Violence

Croatia used to be an extremely safe country, but this appears to be bound to change. While Croatian police does not have any (public) statistics on violence and identity of perpetators, there is an obvious trend of increase in violence as number of migrants on Croatian territory increases. As usual, multiculturalism leads to violent and dysfunctional society.

Major issue is that real number of migrants in Croatia is significantly higher than the official numbers. In the last few years, only very few cases of rapes, robberies and generally migrant-caused violence had ended up in the media, yet real numbers are far greater. And this is no accident. Migrant violence is being covered up, as can be seen from now two months old case of murder in Zagreb.

Dead body had been found on a tram line 6 in New Zagreb. First information was that the cause of death was unknown – and this was information, apparently, gained from the police itself. Day or two later, information was suddenly released that man had been killed with a sharp object. How the police managed to miss an obvious stab wound was never explained, and no further information was released.

Silence lasted for two months, until recently news arrived that Italian police had arrested 21 year old Pakistani Muhammad S., under suspicion of having murdered Siniša V (52). Arrest was made based on the arrest warrant by the Croatian police. Muhammad had lost a leg, and Croatian tram lines had video cameras for security. Therefore, it is obvious that Muhammad had help in making his escape. Likewise, initial information that cause of death was unknown was very obviously a lie. And if the murder, and thus the murderer, had been recorded with video cameras, then at least some pictures would have been available – but none were released. Murder was not an accident, as Muhammad had been carrying a kitchen knife with him, but was not familiar with the victim. Thus, murder was clearly an act of terrorism.

Meanwhile, mainstream media refused to call a duck a duck, or to ask any relevant questions. Instead, they focused on manufacturing empathy for the murderer. Jutarnji list suggested that the older man “may have provoked” Muhammad, a blatant attemt at justifying murder. Of course, organizations such as Are You Sirious and Center for Peace Studies which help traffic migrants into Europe had refused to comment.

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