MRna Vaccine May Cause Heart Issues in Infants

Smithsonian Magazine predicted an increase in heart issues in infants over the next ten years due to “climate change”:

Thing is, “climate change” is one of Leftists’ go-to excuses for literally everything and anything (others being “racism”, “patriarchy” and few more). While climate does have impact on life, Left uses it to justify new taxes, tyranny and other authoritharian behaviour. Thus, when they say that “climate change” will cause something, they cannot be trusted: one should look for literally anything else that could have cause whatever change they are ascribing to climate change, before accepting that particular explanation.

And in this particular case, it is suspicious that the above article has appeared just as new mRNA and other experimental anti-COVID vaccines are being forced onto the population at large. In fact, adverse health effects of COVID vaccines are being underreported:


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