Globalist War Against Humanity

Globalists are waging a war against the humanity, and on multiple fronts. One of main targets of the attack are independent news media. As early as 2016., Washington Post named 200 independent media websites as pawns of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Mainstream media are trying to discredit or control any alternatives, but they are not the only one. It is the goal of globalists in general, with the ultimate aim of creating a one-world government – a centralized, technocratic tyranny that will completely destroy freedom. War itself has multiple aspects.

The War on Cash

The war on cash had been well underway, and the combination of COVID-19 health crisis and the financial collapse caused by the same will be used by the globalist totalitarians to outlaw cash and force people into electronic currencies. In that way, people will loose last semblance of freedom:

  1. All transactions will be tracked by the government, unless using cryptocurrency – which will naturally be outlawed.
  2. All money can be frozen or confiscated by the government for any reason, including completely fabricated reasons such as “terrorist activities” which will in reality mean merely speaking out against the tyranny.
  3. Confiscatory taxes can be automatically extracted from all earnings, savings and transactions, without person’s consent or knowledge.
  4. Savings and deposits can be subjected to negative interest rates without causing a run on cash withdrawals. Negative interest rates are a key tactic that will be employed by globalist banksters and corrupt governments that incessantly seek new, innovative ways to steal productivity from the fiscally illiterate masses.
  5. Once a government spends its way to debt oblivion, it can simply announce a massive nationwide “bail in” that confiscated all the electronic currency and issues a new electronic currency worth much less, all at the click of a button. This “wholesale confiscation” of economic productivity from the working class can keep government debt spending and money printing spinning for generations in a kind of e-currency perpetual motion machine.

Globalist prostitutes such as Slate and The Washington Post are already pushing for banning $100 bills for this very reason. SilverDoctors explain reasoning behind the ban on cash:

What’s really behind this? Why is there such a big movement to ban something that is used for felonious purposes by just a fraction of a percent of the population?

Cash, it turns out, is the Achilles’ Heel of the financial system. Central banks around the world have kept interest rates at near-zero levels for nearly eight years now. And despite having created massive bubbles and enabled extraordinary amounts of debt, their policies aren’t working. Especially in Europe, the hope of stoking economic growth (and even the sickening goal of inflation) has failed.

So naturally, since what they’ve been trying hasn’t worked, their response is to continue trying the same thing… and more of it.

Interest rates across the European continent are now negative. Japanese interest rates are now negative. And even in the United States, the Federal Reserve has acknowledged that negative interest rates are being considered. They have no other choice; raising rates will bankrupt the governments they support and derail any fledgling economic growth.

Look at how low interest rates are in the US– and yet 4th quarter GDP practically ground to a halt. They simply cannot afford to raise rates. As global economic weakness continues to play out, central banks will have no other option but to take interest rates even further into negative territory. That said, negative interest rates will be the destruction of the financial system.

The War on Automobiles

Automobiles allow person to travel wherever they wish without being tracked. For this reason, there is a push to replace them with driverless vehicles and mass transit. Both offer governments and globalists an easy way to track the movements of individuals in society, and thus end any kind of personal freedom.

Car manufacturer BMW managed to remotely lock a car thief within the stolen vehicle. This kind of power can easily be turned to tyranny – government will consider any dissenting citizen to be a terrorist, and may request (or order) a car manufacturer to lock the individual in question next time they attempt to use their car. If you disagree with the government’s position on vaccine mandates, fiat currency, immigration, or anything at all, you might be designated a “domestic terrorist” and locked in your own vehicle by order of the State. From there, the automobile might easily be directed to transport you to an awaiting jail cell, interrogation room or reeducation camp.

The push for mass transit meanwhile allows government to corral citizens through “security checkpoints” where facial recognition system can scan thousands of faces per minute. Such a list can be easily fabricated out of thin air by the government or even major corporations.

The War on Internet

For many years already, Google, Yahoo and other major Internet search engines have essentially banned independent media organizations, consigning them to the domain of the Dark Web. Google has also blacklisted independent media from its AdSense revenue network, as a tactic to deny revenues to websites that publish information the left-leaning Google high priests don’t want anyone to read. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo News have also either derated or outright removed anything that does not fit their Far Left ideological agenda. The goal is to silence the opposing views altogether. The truth does not matter. Instead, what matters is enforcing the Left’s delusional paranoia as the Truth, something to be believed and worshipped despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Thus, attempts were made to turn over domain authority to supranational institutions, enabling globalist tyrants to shut down any dissenting voice.

The War on Dissenting Literature and News

Radical leftists also want to eliminate any “offensive” books and literature from the society. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn book has already been targeted for elimination from human history due to its historically authentic use of racial terminology. For similar reasons, the Harper Lee book To Kill a Mockingbird has also been targeted for removal from libraries. Justification is always that the books include “offensive” content. The 2002 movie Equilibrium, as well as the book “1984” by George Orwell, both show well where Western society is headed to. In Equilibrium, collectors of art and literature are condemned as enemies of the state and executed on sight.


All of the above is propelled by the globalists’ deep hatred of the humanity. They see humans as nothing but vermin, necessary for now, maybe, but ultimately slated for the elimination. Humans are necessary for now, but once robots are able to replace human work force, the international rich caste will no longer need the rest of humanity to enjoy their luxuries. Globalists hate individuality, honesty, liberty, individual preparedness and self-reliance, and thus oppose everything that stems from those – be it a vaccine choice or the right to self-defense. They have no loyalty to any single country or ethnicity, but are loyal only to their own self-interest.

Everything that is happening now has already happened – to Jews in 1938., at the hands of another group of leftists. In 1938., Gestapo demanded papers from every German. Now, the vaccination papers are demanded from everyone under the Progressive tyranny. The cry of “my body, my choice” only applies to murdering babies, but not to experimental and potentially dangerous vaccines – and that is after the Left (intentionally?) failed to reproduce centuries-old “close the borders” solution against pandemics. Nazis forcibly injected Jews with experimental drugs, just as Western governments are now doing to their own citizens. Mask mandates are aimed at forcing individuals to lose their freedom, choice and individuality – much like the Jewish Star mandated by the Nazis. And much like Jews, anyone not vaccinated will be treated as subhuman. In 1938., Jewish books were burned. Today, right-wing books, newspapers, web sites and blogs are being censored, and in some cases outright destroyed. Only the facts that agree with the Big Government’s ideology are allowed to be spoken publicly.

That is what is happening. And the only logical end point is genocide.

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