Taliban are Seizing Guns From Civilians

It did not take long for Taliban to reveal themselves as an evil dictatorship, by siezing guns from civilians. Apparently taking a playbook from Western “democracies”, Taliban are confiscating weapons from civilians because “they no longer need them”. Taliban spokesman said that “We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. We are not here to harm innocent civilians”. Yet there had already been reports of executions of people who had been branded “traitors”.

Any government that is not tyrannical would allow its citizens to own weapons. During Middle Ages, governments restricted weapons that could be used by civilians – but there was never an outright ban. In times of peace only noblemen were allowed to carry swords in public, since swords were regarded as weapons of war. Peasants and burghers were not allowed to carry swords, though exception was granted to travelers due to dangers of travel in medieval times. But daggers could be carried by anyone, and during the 15th century it became gradually acceptable for noblemen and civilians alike to carry a lighter successor of the arming sword, the rapier. This is yet another example where medieval feudal governments prove to be less tyrannical than modern-day democracies, not to mention Islamic theocracies.

In the end, if government wants to take your weapons away, it does not have your best interests at heart.

One bit of good news is that Northern Alliance flag is hoisted in Panjshir. Afghan soldiers are also arriving there. But whether this will be enough is questionable: Northern Afghanistan fell quickly to Taliban offensive, as the central government’s authoritharian decisions alienated the local tribes. It is also a fact that any potential insurgency is dependant on foreign support. Northern Alliance previously relied on support by Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and India. India would have interest in doing so again, as Pakistan’s support to Taliban was aimed primarily against Indian interests in Afghanistan. But China, Russia and Iran are all aiming to permanently seal off United States from Afghanistan, so Indian support may become difficult. Taliban have this time around also secured the north before advancing against Kabul.

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