Salvini’s City Councilor Shot a Moroccan Man In Self-Defense

Massimo Adriatici, city councilor of Voghero, is accused of overuse of force after shooting 39-year-old Moroccan man.

Man was harassing people in front of a local bar, at which Adriatici decided to intervene. This turned into a physical struggle, and Adriatici shot the man in the process. It is unclear whether shooting was intentional or the struggle caused an accidental discharge.

The event likely will not have become so prominent if it weren’t for the fact that Adriatici is a member of Salvini’s Lega Nord, a moderate-right, conservative and federalist Italian party. In mainstream media, Lega Nord is often described as a far-right, and this entire event is presented as a terrorist attack against an innocent immigrant.

Left-wing politicians wasted no time in condemning what Vinicio Pleuffo called “the logic of the far right and do-it-yourself justice”. The Green Europe party stated that “Salvini’s statements in defence of (Adriatici) are extremely serious. Salvini who, with the investigation still ongoing, anticipates the reconstruction of the events and rushes to say that the gunshot fired accidentally is to be considered legitimate defence, is only defending a Wild West situation”. 5-Star Movement (M5S) said “it is unacceptable that an unarmed man can lose his life due to a shot fired in a public square, as if we were in the Wild West”. Communist Refoundation said “we had known for a long time that individuals of dubious morality were elected in the ranks of the League, but what happened at Voghera is really too much”, calling on the anti-migrant party to “face up to the crime” and saying they could not rule out a “racist” component in the incident.
The Democratic Party (PD) said “what happened in Voghera is a huge event, which must spur everyone, and first of all the League, to reflect” on alleged vigilante justice.

The bar owner, Robino Punturiero, said “I don’t justify in any way what happened but this person (El Boussetaoui) is absolutely not a victim, we have been the victims for some time”. He said “I have known Massimo Adriatici for a very long time, he is a great bloke, calm, I can’t say anything (against him), he has always helped us and he used to get the Carabinieri to patrol around here”.

In a civilized country, Adriatici will have been fully justified in shooting the man as soon as he was physically assaulted. That there is such a massive attack on the fundamental right of self-defense should be extremely worrying, but the widespread Marxist ideology ruling the Western Europe has apparently suppressed the common sense.

Migrants were seen throwing bottles at officials at several bars. The victim, Yons El Busetaui, has a long criminal record of threats, including resistance to arrest, drug expulsion, avoidance of detention, unlicensed drunk driving, fraud, and possession of illegal weapons.

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