Decoding the Leftist Language

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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Racist discrimination against the White people in terms of hiring and representation. Replacing the requirements based on competence and ability to perform the job with ones based on race, sex, sexual orientation etc.

ANTIFA. According to the Left, heroic fighters against Fascism and racism. In reality, a group of thugs who use violence to help enforce their Communist (Progressive) ideas.

ANTIFASCISM. Organized promotion of Communism, mainly in form of opposition to traditionalist ideologies. Unlike what the term “antifascism” implies, most of these ideologies are themselves opposed to Fascism, but the Left still lumps them under the term “fascism”, simply because they are opposed to Communism.

ASSAULT RIFLE. According to the Left, a spawn of devil. In reality, assault rifle is a fully automatic rifle, oftentimes with the selective fire option, designed to provide suppression fire during infantry assaults. Semi-automatic rifles for civilian use, such as AR-15, are not assault rifles despite the Left lumping them in the same category.

AUTHORITHARIAN. What the Left are, but pretend not to be. Usage of power and authority to keep people in line. Authoritharianism includes various elements, such as the Big Government, non-governmental organizations, the media, educational system and so on, all of which have the same ideological goal and act in a coordinated fashion despite not being actually coordinated. The Left likes to pretend that this system – the Cathedral – is against them, when in reality it supports the Left.

BIPOC. Anyone not white. Othering White people in the form of multi-racial anti-White coalition.

CLIMATE CHANGE is a catch-all excuse for all of the world’s problems. Something completely natural and permanent which is somehow White people’s fault despite having been happening ever since the Earth surface stopped being a sea of molten rock.

COMMUNISM. A system of government and economy wherein goods, property, and the means of production (labor) are owned publicly and collectively rather than by private entities. Under communism, work happens “from each according to ability, to each according to need.”. A Leftist will never admit that such a system of government is impossible in practice, and that attempts to establish it always lead to tyranny. Rather, historical Communist regimes will always be presented as aberrations.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY. According to the Left, race is a social construct, yet White people are responsible for all the worldly problems due to “systematic racism”. This theory denies that White people exist, yet demands that White people commit racial suicide as a penance for perceived historical racial injustices.

CULTURAL COMPETENCE. Worshipping “diversity”. Becoming accustomized to a life in an unnatural multi-racial society. Being indoctrinated into Left’s anti-White, genocidal and globalized political ideology.

DECOLONIZATION. Removing European influence. Culturocide through attack on White history, culture and traditions, used to demoralize and deracinate White people.

DIVERSITY. Anyone that is not white or straight. That is, replacing white straight people with non-straight and non-white people.

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. White people are destroying the planet with “climate change”. Environmental justice aims at implementation of the global technocracy via the Great Reset, severe restriction in Western living standards, forcing Whites to accept infinite “climate refugees”, and transfer of White wealth to the Third World.

EQUALITY. Ignoring the inherent differences between the sexes, races and ethnic groups, as well as inherent or acquired differences between individuals. Forcibly “correcting” the perceived social injustices by taking from the “oppressor” and giving to the “oppressed”.

GENDER. A social expression of biological sex, and inseparable from it. According to the Left, it is something wholly irrelevant as well as random, resuling in 666 possible genders.

HATE. A person who disagrees with leftist policies of tolerance, inclusivity and white genocide is guilty of hate, and thus does not deserve to have their opinion heard, or to receive basic human rights.

HATE SPEECH. Any speech that does not confirm to the Far Left ideas and ideals.

HOMOPHOBIA. Disagreeing with the LGBTQ agenda and the sexualization of children.

INCLUSION. Implementing diversity. This means genocide and thought control. Removing White an straight people from positions of influence and power. Removing any unwanted ideas under label of “hate speech”. Deplatforming, un-personing (“canceling”), firing, biased hiring policies…

JUSTICE-INVOLVED YOUTH. Young criminals who are, somehow, not criminals. Rather, it is all the justice system’s fault.

LIBERAL. Historically, a liberal is a person who believes in personal liberty and accountability, a minimum of laws and reliance on custom to provide a functional society. The Left has coopted this term, and turned it into its polar opposite. As a result, modern “liberals” want to destroy custom and tradition, only to replace them with laws and governmental control. Traditional liberals are today’s libertarians.

MARRIAGE. According to the Left, a completely random and irrelevant union of two or more individuals of whatever sex. Historically, a union of man and a woman with the goal of providing the children with a stable environment in which to develop.

RACIAL JUSTICE. Revenge against the White people for perceived historical injustices. Legalized anti-White discrimination (affirmative action, reparations, hate speech laws, wealth redistribution from White to non-White people).

RACISM. Racist is a person who disagrees with a leftist, and thus a bad person. In a more specific meaning of the term, a racist is a person who disagrees with the quiet genocide of his own people through immigration, multiracialism and feminism.

REFUGEES. A group of people whom the Left needs to a) incite the conflict required for justifying formation of the police state and b) ensure its perpetual electoral dominance by shoring up the dependency class.

SEXISM. Disagreeing with a feminist agenda of turning women into males is sexism, and thus evil. In fact, recognizing that sexes biologically exist is sexism, and thus evil.

SOCIAL JUSTICE. The world is divided into the “oppressors” and the “oppressed”, and it will only be just when the roles are reversed. In the Left’s terminology, the “oppressors” are always the “hite people, and everybody else is the “oppressed”; social justice is achieved by discriminating against the white people.

SYSTEMATIC RACISM. Disparities in performance between racial groups are caused by the White racism and oppression, rather than by biological differences caused by the divergent evolution. It is used as an excuse to disenfranchise Whites within their own homelands and implement “racial justice” (a subset of the “social justice”).

TERRORIST. A white cis male doing a violent act. According to the Left, a black or an Arab male cannot be a terrorist even when carrying out actual terrorist acts (i.e., violent acts aimed against civilians and designed to have a political outcome).

TOLERANCE. Tolerating anything and everything that Left does in the name of amassing power, while attacking the targets which the Left selects because they are resisting the Left’s ideological hegemony.

UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT. A nice way of saying “illegal alien”, crying that “no person is illegal”. This is an attempt to further globalization, by replacing the moderate-Left idea of civic nationalism with extreme-Left idea of cosmopolitanism, where anyone can settle anywhere with no requirements whatsoever. It also attempts to deny the fact that illegal immigrants are, in fact, breaking a law (as well as the common decency).

WHITE PRIVILEGE. White privilege is white people having natural sociopolitical advantages within their own ancestral homelands. According to the Left, this is an “oppressive” situation which must be “corrected” through “social/racial justice”.

WHITE SUPREMACY means white people not bowing to the god of diversity, multiracialism and globalism. According to the Left, this is the ultimate evil of modernity.

XENOPHOBIA. Wanting to preserve one’s own people, genetics and culture, and thus opposing the Leftist agenda of mass immigration and multiracialism.


  1. I much enjoyed your Leftist Lexicon. However, I did notice one error:

    “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Racist discrimination against the White people in terms of hiring and representation. Replacing the”

    It just ends with “Replacing the” and I’m sure you meant to complete the thought.



  2. Nice one! Please let me know if you fancy adding the ProgDEM and Org Terms and Definitions. Most remain confined to the Hubs and Data Channels, but amassed quite the collection. Aside from OppoRe and prep for the Campaign, it’s occupying Memory. Happy to toss ’em and update as the new Terms/Phrases get the “Okay” after the Polls, Focusing, Limited-Use and strictly in-House/on-Base Comms use. Best part? The one’s they wanted or used briefly before deciding: Nope, that’s gonna hurt more than help! LOL.


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