Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 28.6.1914.

On today’s day in 1914., Serb terrorist Gavrilo Princip murdered Austrian-Hungarian prince, archduke Franz Ferdinand. This shot helped spark the First World War, and thus laid the groundwork for the Communist dictatorship which is ruling the West today.

Gavrilo Princip was a member of the (ideologically Yugoslav) Bosniak Serb terrorist organization Young Bosnia, and was also supported by the Serb terrorist organization, the Black Hand. The reason for the assassination were Franz Ferdinand’s political aspirations. Aware of the difficult state of the Monarchy, Franz Ferdinand aimed at reforming the Monarchy into a trialist federation, where the Monarchy will have split between Austrian, Hungarian and Southern Slavic portions.

Such a reform would have sounded the death knell for the Serbian aspirations at conquering the South Slavic portions of the Monarchy. Yugoslav / Greater Serbian ideology would thus have been defeated.

The murder kicked off the First World War, a war which put a halt to an era of cultural, economic and social development, and instead put the world onto a road towards democracy and slavery. First World War was the latest (after the French Revolution) of upheavals which were designed to destroy the old monarchies and enslave the Europe through Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. The collapse of monarchy destroys the greatest support any state has for achieving independence, survival and longevity of a society. Liberal democracy and the civil society are a tyrannical system designed to keep the people under control of the plutocratic (Freemason?) caste.

Austria-Hungary was a major threat to these designs, as well as to British designs to control Balkans through their puppet state, Serbia. That way, Britain would ensure connection to the Middle East and its oil fields, while denying the same to Germany.

The plan kicked off in 1903., when the Serb terrorist group the Black Hand killed the king Alexander Obrenović and his wife, Draga Mašin. The reason for the act were the favourable views of Austria-Hungary held by Alexander Obrenović. Instead, he was replaced by Petar I. Karađorđević, who had spent years abroad and received British education – turning him, essentially, into a British agent. The only obstruction left to creation of Satanic Yugoslavia was the Austria-Hungary and Franz Ferdinand. To this end, the Black Hand created a subgroup in Bosnia, under the name of Young Bosnia.

Franz Ferdinand had to be killed quickly. The aging Franz Joseph, the then-Emperor of Austria, was exarcerbating the ethnic tensions in Austria-Hungary by refusing to reform the Empire along the federal model. Federal solution was supported by Franz Ferdinand, and Croatian and other political movements within the Monarchy were placing their hopes in him. But the survival of the Empire was not acceptable to the Western liberals, the Black Hand, or various Marxists, anarchists and other liberal and leftist groups.

After three unsuccessful attempts (1902., 1906. and 1910.), the 1914. attempt was planned in detail. The death of the Archduke was desired not only in Serbia, Italy etc., but also in the Vienna itself, where republican forces were at work, and also opposed Archduke’s wishes to give more freedom to South Slavic lands in order to help stabilize the Monarchy.

This fact was made obvious during the visit itself. While Franz Joseph’s visit to Sarajevo was watched over by a thousand uniformed police officer and two thousand plainclothes (in mufti) agents, Franz Joseph received only a 120 police officers as a protection, while all other measures (such as a security corridor) were rejected. After Franz Ferdinand’s murder, members of Black Hand were quickly convicted and executed in Serbia, which prevented any proper investigation into who gave the orders. In 1953., Tito’s Yugoslavia declared all the terrorists innocent.

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