Kneeling Is Racism

After the death of George Floyd, a trend had taken up where players kneel before the match in “apology” for crimes against the black people.

However, that sort of action is racist, as is the Black Lives Matter movement in its entirety. There are several things which collapse the leftist BLM narrative.

First, it was not only Europeans (white people) who oppressed the blacks. Black slaves were hunted, in Africa, by other black groups and then sold to the merchants. And merchants were not only European: long before Europeans started enslaving black Africans, Arabs were busy taking slaves and selling them.

Second, it was not only black people who were being enslaved through history. Word “slave” comes from the ethnonym Slav. Many Slavs were enslaved by the Germans, Byzantines, Arabs, and other slave traders. When Byzantium collapsed, Ottoman Empire started enslaving South Slavs en masse, turning them into Janissaries and other types of slaves. Yet it was not only Slavs who suffered. From 7th to 18th century, southern shores of Europe were nearly depopulated thanks to constant raids launched by Arab slavers from North Africa. And slavery was, in fact, ubiqutous throughout Europe itself (and slaves were white). First steps towards freeing slaves were taken during Middle Ages, and large-scale bans against slavery were promulgated throughout Middle Ages and Early Modernity. For comparison, Ottoman Empire introduced first anti-slavery law only in 1703, when the Blood Tax (Devshirme) was abolished.

And when it comes to the murder of George Floyd, it was merely a single event, given false relevance by the mass protests and by the Marxist narrative. Yes, black people are killed by the police. But far more black people are killed by other black people, and far more white people are killed by other white people. Statistics are clear.

As it can be seen, white people are predominantly killed by other white people, and black people are killed by other black people. And twice as many white people are killed by black people, than the reverse. Further, black-on-black murders are almost as common as white-on-white murders, despite black people accounting for 13,4% of total US population, compared to 60% for whites.

But when it comes to systematic racism, it is White people who are real victims. No white ethnicity is allowed to express itself, and ethnic nationalism has become a bad word. African Americans are seeking – and gaining – reparations for historical injustices. But when will Turkey pay reparations to Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Moldavia, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Poland for the damages done during Ottoman wars of 14th to 17th centuries? When will Arab states pay reparations to the entirety of North Mediterranean countries for 11 centuries of slave raids and piracy? When will Russia pay reparations to Eastern European countries for their enslavement under Communist regimes? When will Black Lives Matter pay reparations for damages caused by the protests they helped organize?

Kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter is clearly racist, as it ignores everything listed above while supporting the narrative that white people are, collectively, evil slavers, and black people perpetual victims. If BLM’s narrative and the Black Lives Matter themselves were not racist, why are even people who have never owned slaves being forced to kneel, merely because they are white? “You are guilty because you are white” is a definition of racism.


  1. I’ll virtue signal. I have always hated sports “culture.” Before I even knew why. Now? I cannot imagine. All it is, has become, is a surrogate for Nationalism and pride of place.

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