COVID Was Used to Stop Trump

State Department had prevented any investigation in whether COVID is artificial or not, specifically the investigation of Wuhan’s Institute of Virology. But whether COVID was artificial or not, fact is that it was used to stop Donald Trump from being reelected.

As President Obama’s former chief of staff and later Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, famously said: “never let a crisis go to waste.”. This is nothing new: Naomi Klein has, in her book The Shock Doctrine, shown how crisis can be and will be used to push a political agenda (of course, she ignored the fact that it is the Left who primarily uses this approach). As The Conservative Treehouse summed up the events:

  • A once beloved Bill Gates, the primary advocate for COVID vaccines, suddenly became a target by the political left. It was quite a shift.
  • The White House announces their support of investigation into the origin of COVID-19.
  • Media report on State Dept investigators who were handcuffed during their research into the COVID origination.
  • Suddenly discussion of the “Lab Leak Theory” was permitted by those who control the platforms of speech.
  • Media then report of Anthony Fauci gaining a lucrative book deal.
  • Joe Biden gives a speech in Oklahoma on Tuesday; and immediately thereafter the White House announces no more public appearances for the remainder of the week.
  • The Fauci emails are released under the auspices of a FOIA fulfillment.

This shift in narrative and the sudden support for the “lab leak” theory actually makes sense. They are not significant in and by themselves, but as a smokescreen for much larger issues. Fact is, how virus was created and released is irrelevant: what matters is how and why it was utilized in the first place. Even if virus had been natural, fact remains that it was used as a political weapon. The COVID-19 outbreak had massive political consequences:

  • The stalling of the Trump-generated economy which was benefitting every single citizen in the US.
  • Deployment of mail-in ballots which could be manipulated to achieve fraudelent results.
  • Controls over presidential debate and social media to benefit the weak candidate.
  • The excuse for lack of voter enthusiasm.

COVID was a perfect tool for stopping Trump. It essentially reversed all of his successes, while making people more receptive to the sort of governmental tyranny the Left had always wanted. And in the case that alone turned out to not be enough, it allowed agencies to manipulate the election results. Russia didn’t work, Ukraine didn’t work, impeachment didn’t work, but COVID did.

Assuming that election results were indeed genuine (which is questionable in any elections), Trump would have won had COVID cases been 10-15% lower. Voters in areas with high numbers of COVID cases were less likely to vote for Trump, which was particularly obvious in cities and the swing states. Trump’s handling of the epidemic was part of the reason for the swing, while the other part was the increased need for socialist nanny state due to the effect of the pandemic and measures on the economy, especially on the small and medium businesses.

Fact remains that, whether natural or artificial, the pandemic was a genuine gift of heaven for the Left.

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