Concept of Fake News is (Intentional) Idiocy

Facebook has decided to stop deleting claims that COVID-19 was man-made in the light of ongoing investigations into COVID by the US government. In fact, it states that “such claims are gaining in probability”. US President Joe Biden announced that he has asked US intelligence services to “redouble their efforts” to definitively clarify the beginning of the spread of COVID-19.

This rather handily illustrates why the entire concept of “fake news” is idiotic. Yes, humans will make up and even believe ridiculous claims. But this does not mean that censorship is a good thing. Even if one assumes that humans, including authorities, are fundamentally good, fact still remains that mistakes happen. First assumptions are almost never correct, and open discussion is absolutely necessary to fact-check those. If official “fact-checking” prevents open discussion, then the self-correction becomes far more difficult, if not impossible. And it is a fact that humans are not fundamentally good. People who have power will use this power to their own advantage and will oppress anyone else. Powerful government is never a good thing, and allowing the government or “independent” organizations to determine what the truth is means that actual truth will be far more difficult to reach.

But the suppression of “fake news” never was about the truth. Much like all other leftist concepts (human rights, racism, etc.) it is all about power. Chains are not necessary if it is possible to control how the people think. And this can be achieved easily enough through emotions. Most people are cowards: afraid of standing out of the crowd, afraid of being called names, afraid of being considered stupid. And the Left has been exploiting this for a long time: hence the labels such as “fascist”, “conspiracy theorist” and similar. True enough, the Right did use similar tactics from time to time; but the Left’s dominance in the media has left them ineffective. Being labeled a “fascist” is by many people seen as being far more derogatory than being labeled a “communist”, despite the fact that Communism is objectively more evil than Fascism. The very fact that Fascism is seen as a right-wing ideology points to Left’s dominance in terms of thought control. And this dominance is again based on emotions, specifically the World War II and the mythology woven around it.

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