Immigration – How Democracy Leads to Demographic Replacement

Democracy is evil for many reasons, but important one is that it promotes a form of genocide known as population replacement.

The Left claims that it supports mass immigration for various reasons. Morals (all humans are equal! If you disagree, you are racist!), economy (we need workers!), and so on. And all of these are, to an extent, true. But these are just surface-level details. In the root of leftist policies is always will for power. Any political ideology always seeks to dominate its environment as a means of survival, and this is no less true for various Marxist ideologies. As such, modern Left is attempting to ensure its continuing supremacy by any means necessary.

And immigration policy is a key element in this approach, simply due to the nature of democracy. Thanks to social state, immigrants in modern day predominantly come to exploit the country they are arriving to. Immigrants also have no loyalty to the country, to its traditions, nor the sense of identity with the native population. As a result, they will always vote to people who are enabling this exploitation – which is to say, the Left. And since in democracy, one person equals one vote, and votes equal power, mass immigration fulfills two main goals of the Left: establishment of the Leftist dictatorship, and disenfrachisement of the native populace.

But of course, Left does not want this to be known. Left is all about power, but their power depends on deceiving people that the Left cares about them and that they are better of with Left in power. Left wants absolute governmental control, but to establish it, they have to make people willingly work against their own interests. This is what happened in the October Revolution: Marxists used the devastation and strain of World War I to launch revolution and overthrow first the Imperial and then the subsequent democratic government. It didn’t matter that Russia was extremely quickly industrializing and that it would have solved most of its issues if only war and then revolution did not interfere. In fact, that made it even worse, because it placed a time limit: if revolution did not happen when it did, it would not happen at all, because many of the issues Communists used to launch it would be gone. And once Communists were in power, the programs which Imperial government (and even society without governmental control) had put into place were merely continued. And they then took credit for it. All that the Communist revolution did was to create a change in management, but of course they could never admit to it, as their power depended on the fiction of progress they had spread.

As a result, any suggestions that Left’s immigration policy has an agenda behind it is immediately met with the accusations of racism. Racism has become a key weapon in leftist arsenal, an accusation which immediately shuts down the debate and poisons any argument it is aimed at, no matter how factually valid it might be. But this anger is mainly because accusations are correct. When person hears something that is incorrect, first response is to try and correct it. But Left knows what it is doing, and knows that the Right knows as well. Racism is a weapon used to shut down any conversation, and thus continue Left’s dominance in the arena. At least until there are enough self-hating people for the Left to feel secure in its power.

In fact, Left has gone so haywire that they accuse people as racists for repeating things Leftists themselves proudly say. “Population replacement” is treated as a conspiracy theory, while at the same time Leftists proudly celebrate the fact that whites are dying out. Guardian is ecstasic that Britain will be “majority minority”, and Leftists outright celebrate the ethnic cleansing of whites as a “payback” for Europeans’ colonial past. Nevermind the fact that less than half of Europe ever engaged in such things, and people who were the cause of it were the same globalist economic overclass that is now promoting diversity and using the Left as their useful idiots. In 2018., Michelle Goldberg wrote a piece in The New York Times, titled “We Can Replace Them“. The piece is a call for politically-motivated democide of white people. Entire article promotes the worst version of racism while calling out white people for being racist. But this hypocrisy is standard for the Left. Important point is that New York Times is calling for democide because it will give Left even more power than it already has.

Demographic change through immigration is a key to ensuring Left’s dominance. To win and maintain power, they change population of the country. Once population is diverse enough, Right can only become leftists themselves (as they already largely are), or lose. Left no longer cares about the workers, the disenfranchised, or anything they originally cared for. In fact, their goal is to make the native population irrelevant; thus ethnonationalist right is the only chance workers have. But immigration is designed to stop that from happening, by making essentially leftist civic nationalists the only practical “right-wing” option. And even those are not always acceptable. The Left in the US does not want to accept Polish immigrants, because they vote Republican. At the same time, Kamala Harris attacked Trump’s plans for deportation because “it would remake demographics of the country” – meaning, demographics of Democrats’ voting bloc.

Thanks to mass immigration, California, which used to be solidly right-wing, has turned into a left-wing dystopia. Between 1948 and 1992, the state of California had voted for exactly one Democratic candidate. Ronald Reagan ran the state as a Governor, and California had the best schools, infrastructure and the economy in the entire US, if not the world. But in 1986., the so-called “conservative” Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. This act brought about the amnesty for illegal immigrants, and Reagan also signed the law that required hospitals to provide free medical care for the immigrants. As a result of proudly Leftist Reagan’s actions, the rest of the (Third) world started flooding into the United States. California was transformed, demographically and politically, overnight, and since 1988. no Republican has – or will – win the elections there. Now, there are over twice as many registered Democrats in California as there are Republicans. Counties that are most Republican are those with the lowest proportion of immigrants, and vice-versa. People did not change their views, but they are outnumbered by the immigrants, who were used as tools by the Left to rig the elections.

This works on the internal plan as well. Vermont used to be Republican, but thanks to the Leftists fleeing from dystopias of their own creation, it has turned into a solidly Marxist state. Refugees from Massachussets are doing the same to New Hampshire, and the process has already happened in Virginia as well. Marxists from California are fleeing to Nevada, Idaho and Montana. And this internal political example automatically gives a lie to Leftist claim that accepting immigrants from Third World countries is a good, humane thing to do. It is not. Accepting immigrants means destroying your own home while not helping immigrants any. True solution would be to help them solve their problems at home, but that would mean Left would lose many of its voters. For the Left, complete devastation of society and its structures is a small price to pay if it means they will stay in power.

As it is, beautiful places will always be overrun by the worst people, who will then destroy them and move on. Immigration and open borders enable, and in fact encourage, this sort of behaviour. It is, after all, always easier to ask somebody else to take care of problems and then blame them for failure, than to accept responsibility yourself. Due to mass immigration, California has the highest poverty rate in the entire US.

And all of the above shows why democracy is dangerous. When people gain visible power, people become the enemy. And since democratic government is, in fact, extremely centralized, this means that it can – successfully – wage the war against the people. And the same thing that is happening in the US will happen in Europe. Like a retarded poodle, Europe always follows where the US were 30 years earlier. The entire Western civilization is headed towards oblivion.


  1. Actually, it is Europe that is further down the path to societal destruction than the US. But, both Europe and America will never be the same and will continue in their decline. The ignorant and cowardly masses cannot change direction.

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