Idea of Progress Will Lead to Evil

Modern Progressivism and Conservativism will lead society to disaster.

The reason is simple. Progressivism – as with Conservativism – is based on relation to the current state. It is defined by it. In other words, if progressives want to stay progressive, they have to push the boundaries. What this means is a continual removal of social restrictions, social norms and inherited boundaries. Today’s progressives are tomorrow’s conservatives, so progressives have to keep progressing to stay relevant. Consequence of this is that politics achieve life of their own, independent of logic or social or personal needs. Progressives have to keep pushing boundaries, even if it ultimately leads to disaster.

Problem is that, unless balanced out by an opposing force – Reactionarism or Traditionalism – progress will just keep happening. Conservativism is not an opposing force, it is a neutral force. It seeks to keep the existing, the status quo. This is a major problem. Newer is not necessarily better. And something that was better in one set of conditions may be worse in another set of conditions. If society is to survive, it has to keep the ability to move the balance as required. This means that it has to keep political balance – balance between tradition, conservation and progress. Notice something? It is a triad – and thus inherently irreconcilable with prevalent two-party system. If something in triad has to go, it should be conservatism – yet it is traditionalism that has been rid of. Result is that progressives are steadily pushing society into abyss (on their preferred side) while conservatives are applying brakes, slowing progress but not stopping it.

This is not just a question of politics, but of ideology and even philosophy of life. Modern-day Western society is built on this idea. Idea that today is better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be better than today.

But where has this idea led us to? The constant chasing of stuff – more “freedoms”, greater living standards, greater technological advancement. It is a race without brakes, and seemingly without end. But everything has an end, and this can only end in destruction of human society and possibly humanity as a whole. Chasing of economic well-being has led to, in order: warfare, genocides, colonialism, and nowadays depletion of natural resources. Chasing of freedom from social and traditional norms and normal boundaries has led to the state having to step in, leading to gradual establishment of authoritharian police states even in self-proclaimed democracies, as customs had to be replaced by laws. Chasing of equality has led to stagnation, hatred and conflict – humans are naturally inequal and different, and having equality as an ideal and something “normal” means that people feel cheated due to simple fact that individuals (or groups) are not inherently equal. Progress, no matter how defined, is not a linear upwards path: sooner or later, it will come to a stop – and a drop. Or, rather, a quick drop and a sudden stop, for everybody involved.

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