Official Star Trek twitter endorses Communism

Star Trek was always a leftist-oriented series, but once upon a time it used to be subtle and philosophical. No more: with new Trek and Discovery, it has turned into open Marxist propaganda. One only needs to remember how Discovery Klingons were presented as evil because they wanted to preserve their own identity. Ever since the Next Generation, Star Trek had subscribed to the “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” philosophy, enabled by the replicator. But even this did not make it Communist – Federation back then still respected individual rights, the rights of its member states, and had a market economy. Not everything could be created in a replicator, after all. It had Constitution, property rights, copyright laws, chain of command, nations and individual rights – everything that Communists despise.

But all of this was in the message and in the setting. Now, Star Trek twitter has gone to outright endorsing Communism. And not just Twitter: endorsement has appeared on the The web site makes its support for Marxist one world dictatorship rather clear: “How do you actually achieve a one-world government with no national borders, where we’ve eliminated poverty and war and hunger and disease? That’s a pretty significant gain, pretty significant achievement.”.

“Socialist revolution to overthrow capitalism” is outright called the “next stage of human development”, as if developments are automatically good and there is an upwards path of “development” akin to “leveling up” in video games (in reality, society is always advancing in some ways and regressing in others). And even if these assumptions are accepted – and they should not be, for they are clearly wrong – fact is that socialism can hardly be “next stage” in human development. Socialism in fact throws the society all the way back to Mesopotamian and Egyptian palace economies, which were outcompeted and replaced by primitive market systems.

Likewise, the article states that capitalism is forcing people in debt, when it in reality modern-day US are not even a purely capitalist society. Rather, they run a variant of corporate socialism, or as also called corporate welfare, where state taxes individuals and small businesses and then transfers that wealth to large businesses and the hyper-rich. This is not a consequence of capitalism as such. Rather, it is a consequence of concentration of power, which is unavoidable outcome of any large system: be it neoliberal, borderless capitalism or socialist / statist semi-command or command economy. And this concentration of power is what, ultimately, leads to evil – and to socialism, be it Marxist, corporate or some other variant of it. If one wants freedom and prosperity, subsidiarity is the name of the game, and that is not something which can go together with a socialist economy.

Communism did not murder tens of millions of people by accident. It might not have been the intent, originally, but it was still an unavoidable consequence of the sort of concentration of power which Communism led to. Nazism may have been a racist ideology, but the reason it was so genocidal lied in the fact that it was an authoritharian, statist, socialist regime – a nationalist variant of Communism. And both ideologies have genocide as their goal, the only difference between Nazism and Communism being in the manner in which they define the enemy. For Nazism, the enemy were Jews; for Hungarian revolutionaries of 1848., the enemies were Croats, as they were for the Yugoslav Communists of 1940s.

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