Leftist Oligarchy is Trying to Ban Telegram

New York Times has vowed to do everything in its power to ban free speech platform Telegram from Internet, blaming online activity for a recent spate of attacks against Asians. Yet its case for it is completely made up: hastags #gobacktochina and #makethecommiechinesepay only spiked after the NYT article appeared. NYT also refuses to reveal who exactly carried out these attacks.

The Network Contagion Research Institute, headed by Joel Finkelstein, says on its website it’s affiliated with the Anti-Defamation League, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Charles Koch Foundation — all of whom are lobbying for internet censorship of anything that is to right of Marx.

And of course, NYT made sure to let Asians know that they have no hope of climbing to the top of the victim pyramid, and that they will always remain second-rate victims: “Anti-Asian speech online has typically not been as overt as anti-Semitic or anti-Black groups, memes and posts, researchers said. On Facebook and Twitter, posts expressing anti-Asian sentiments have often been woven into conspiracy theory groups such as QAnon and in white nationalist and pro-Trump enclaves. Mr. Goldenberg said forms of hatred against Black people and Jews have deep roots in extremism in the United States and that the anti-Asian memes and tropes have been more “opportunistically weaponized.””

California court has requested Google to remove Telegram from its app store, but so far Google has not taken any such action. The legal request was filed by Marc Ginsberg, a former US ambassador to Morocco, alleging that the app is used to spread “violence, extremism and anti-Semitism”. According to Ginsberg, Telegram should be treated in the same way as Parler.

It should be noted that Mark Ginsberg has worked as a reviewer for the groups such as The Council for Foreign Relations – a globalist, imperialist, internationalist, elitist, leftist group. He also contributes to publications such as The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and other publications of the international financial elites, and is also a regular CNN guest. The advisory board includes Lester Crown, a chairmain of the board of the Council for Foreign Relations.

The Telegram is problematic because it is a safe chat application – a messenger app with 500 million people – which allows people to exchange opinions without big corporations invading their privacy. But there is nothing in the world that Left hates more than free speech and independent thought, and so Telegram has to go. It should be noted that law states that platform provider is not responsible for the content placed onto the platform – yet Parler and Telegram are being held accountable, solely because they are a threat to Communist media dominance. Storming of the Capitol Hill was primarily planned on Facebook (as was even acknowledged by the Council), yet Parler and Telegram are being focused on, because Zuckerberg is “in the club”, part of the elite. Mark Zuckerberg will never be punished, as he has too much power and is part of the Leftist elite.

Telegram is often being presented as a Russian-backed propaganda network, but Pavel Durov – creator of the Telegram and VK – is a noted Vladimir Putin critic, and Telegram was crucial in organizing many anti-Putin protests. However, he is also a critic of the Big Tech, and has stated that people are being held hostage by the Big Tech monopolies. So he has to go. Yet Facebook and Instagram – main platforms used to spread child pornography and child prostitution, and embroiled in numerous child pornography standards – is safe from persecution, because they are in the international elite’s club.

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