US states to introduce sanity into voting process

For most normal countries, having voters verify their identity with an ID (a personal card) is simply normal part of the voting process. But in US, Georgia’s attempt to do so has generated controversy, with Democrats calling it “racism”. Yet measures put forward would only make process more transparent and accountable.

The key elements of the legislation:

  • Ensure new ID requirements for requesting mail-in ballots, replacing the current system which simply requires a signature
  • Ban the practice of giving food or water to voters in line at polling stations
  • Give the state legislature more power to take control of voting operations if problems are reported
  • Limit the number of “drop boxes” in which people can place their absentee votes, meaning many will have to travel further
  • Shorten the early-voting period for all runoff elections

Democrats have naturally attacked this measure, as it prevents an army of illegal immigrants from voting Democrat. Stacey Abrams, the founder of Fair Fight Action and a former Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Georgia, said the state’s Republicans showed they were intent on “reviving Georgia’s dark past of racist voting laws.”. Biden also called new laws an “atrocity”. It can be expected that this will lead to a new push by Democrats to curtail State rights and reinforce Federal tyranny.

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