Genocide Against Whites in New Hampshire

Business interests are promoting cold genocide against white people living in New Hampshire. A forum was held in 2018. , posing a question of “how to attract a diverse workforce”.

To be clear: this is a political, Leftist move. Business requires diversity of skills, opinions and experiences. Such diversity is actually much easier to achieve in an ethnically homogenous state, as there are fewer fault lines – thus enabling more honest and more open exchange of views and ideas. But Left – and this includes big business – aims to destroy diversity at every level: genetic diversity is destroyed by promoting ethnic mixing between different populations, diversity of ideas is destroyed by leftist brainwashing machine. As usual, aging workforce is used as raison d’etre, instead of looking into ways of improving the natality of people already there. Genocide is carried out for the sake of preserving the economy.

Welcoming the diversity never works out well. People like to be around similar people, and dissimilar people make them feel threatened. In diverse communities, there is always workplace separation, by race, ethnicity and gender. This separation of course is not limited to biology. Leftists especially feel extremely threatened by anything that is in any way different from current Leftist dogma – and thus attack even yesteryear’s allies. But Marxism is not the only such ideology; all ideologies – especially those professing to offer absolute truth – are like this. And in face of divisive ideologies, other uniting factors are required, lest society destroys itself. Thus too much diversity within society creates intrasocietal separations and fragmentation into groups. Birds of a feather flock together – as has been proven time and again.

But Left is using diversity as a weapon. In a democratic race, votes matter – and minorities typically vote for the Left. The Left is not importing “diversity” because it thinks it is a good idea for the society – but rather for dual reason of 1) winning elections and 2) waging war against Western culture and tradition in general.


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