Left is justifying violence

A bunch of men-turned-women had attacked and stamped on a 19-year-old man who had told them that they needed female genitalia to be women. Crossdressing and cosplaying men in question reacted with extreme violence. Tamish Lush, 29, drop-kicked the youth, named Al Shaheeb, and her friend joined in. Prosecutor had stated that the victim had also “racially abused” Hannah Bryan, calling her “black cunt”. Teenager was hospitalized after the attack with severe abrasions and a cut left eye.

Judge Nigel Seed had told the gang:

I accept that had it not been for the alleged victim in this case there probably wouldn’t have been an incident.
The four of you then were subjected to extremely offensive transphobic and racial abuse. Had it not been for that there would have been no violent disorder.
However that does not excuse what you did, you went far to far in your reactions, but of course transphobic issues are particularly sensitive.
It is a sign that the so-called victim realised how wrong he was by refusing to cooperate and not make any statement.
I do not in any way your condone behaviour but I accept that what happened to you at the beginning of the incident was entirely wrong and people like you should not be subject to that abuse in the public domain or anywhere.

This incident shows several things:

  • Left, no matter what, is allergic to truth
  • Leftists are always ready to be insulted
  • Left is filled with double standards
  • defending yourself against violent immigrants is considered evil,
  • mainstream media are promoting politically correct violence
  • courts are promoting politically correct violence

Fact that judge felt the need to essentially excuse and justify himself for upholding the law shows how far the civilization had fallen, and how strong is the hold of the Marxist left upon Western societies. When a white victim shoots an immigrant for endangering his life or livelihood, then he (or more rarely she) is inevitably villified and called a racist. But this incident also shows the hierarchy within leftist-protected groups: male immigrants are lower on totem pole / pecking order than transgender “women”, especially if immigrant is white while “woman” in question is black.

The Left is sexist, racist, mysoginist and hypocritical. But of course they will never admit to any of that. They live in an alternate reality where truth is lie, basic biology does not matter, and one has to accept Leftist dogma over what their own eyes are telling them, rejecting millenial tradition in favour of an ever-changing ideology mere few decades old.

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