How Left wins elections

While the idea of stealing votes may seem weird and impossible, Marxists have – historically – done far worse than that. And may attempt to do so in the United States, if their theft of elections from Trump succeeds. Fact is that modern Left are nothing but globalist Marxists, the heirs of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and remainder of the crop of genocidal idealists.

Parliamentary elections had been held in Yugoslavia on 11th November 1945. The only party allowed to participate in the elections was the National Front, that is, Communists. This is no different from modern Western parliamentary democracy, where all mainstream parties are either Left or extreme Left. In USA, Democrats are extreme Left while Republicans are moderate Left. In Croatia, SDP is extreme Left while HDZ are moderate Left. Only Donald Trump was somewhat to the Right, being a paleoconservative. But Paleoconservatives had been excorcised out of the Republican Party. Instead, their place was taken by Neoconservatives.

But neoconservatives are leftists. In 1950s and 1960s, future neoconservatives had endorsed the civil rights movement, racial integration and Martin Luther King Jr. They also endorsed the leftist-style foreign interventionism. What became neoconservatives were actually Democratic Party rejects, people who had left the party as it accepted Marxist-Leninist Communism. Former Republicans are now called paleoconservatives, and these are the true American Conservatives. Neoconservatives of the Republican Party are the Paleodemocrats, and new Democrats are Internationalist Communists.

This fact alone makes a joke out of elections: if only choice is between the moderate and extreme left, then there is preciously little choice at all. Politics will continue sliding leftwards, former moderate Left will become Center, and new Left will be forced to become even more extreme. Eventually, things will get to the point once unthinkable, as seen from modern Left’s promotion of homoseuxality, pedophilia and related ideas.

Things do not stop at the lack of choice, however. Modern “democratic” Left has taken a clue from old-school Communists on how to organize elections. Communists did not allow the opposition to organize, to promote itself, or even public activity. Opposition was also oppressed and frightened, up to and including the physical violence. After the “liberation” in 1945., Communists proceeded to murder all the prominent political opponents: not only HSP and Ustashi, but also HSS which – up until that point – had been the premier antifascist party in Croatia. Voting could be only for or against Communists, and all the votes were recorded: those who voted against were listed as the “enemies of the people” (voting was done by dropping literal balls into separate boxes, so it was obvious who voted “for” or “against”). Even so, 15% of people in Zagreb voted against Communists, but CK KPH reported that only 6% had voted against. All candidates which could be voted for were from the Communist National Front. While some candidates were not officially Communist, they were always people who backed the Communists.

Modern Left does the same: the opposition is declared Nazis, Fascists etc., is censored and its activity is at every point opposed and disrupted. People who oppose the left have difficulty finding employment as any Left-controlled institutions reject them. And since most of media are Leftist, they have no voice either. Left has also been using physical violence ever since Trump was elected: Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other violent organizations are mostly financed by Leftists, by George Soros and his ilk. Despite all of that, Left would have lost the fair and square elections; as such, gerrymandering, false ballots and other tricks are used to ensure its dominance.

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