Voter fraud in Detroit 2020 election audio recording

The audio record of training of ballot workers shown on the video below details the voting process – and its fraudelence:

TRANSCRIPTION FOLLOWS. NOTE: Normal text is the transcribed audio, itallicized text is the commentary from the author of the video. I apologize for possible mistakes due to less than ideal quality of audio.

TRAINER: Your chair person can issue what type of ballot?

TRAINEE: A provisional envelope.

TRAINER: A provisional envelope! Why? Where is it goin’?

TRAINEE: Not in the tabulator.

TRAINER: Not in the tabulator! It’s goin’ in that envelope, right? We have how many days? Six! So what is the Department of Elections going to do with it?

TRAINEE: Destroy it!

Multiple such conversations show the mechanics of the election theft.

Step 1: kick out the poll challengers.

TRAINER: Challengers and poll watchers. They have to wear masks, and they have to stay six feet! That’s important because they can come behind your table. But if you don’t have six feet, they can’t come back there. Any questions?

TRAINEE: So six feet back, unless they have really good vision, they can’t actually see…

TRAINER: EXACTLY. Unless they got really good vision or they have brought their binoculars. (laughter) Six feet. That’s the rule, right? And you are entitled to your six feet.

TRAINEE: Is that common? I mean, can we expect that–

TRAINER: Yup! They’s a-comin’! They comin’. I don’t know if they’re coming to every precinct, but they’re coming to many of them in the city. Yes. We have already gotten word; the state has already said: they’re coming. And the basic thing they’re going to challenge is what?

ALL: Absentee ballots.

TRAINER: That is correct. Yes?

TEENAGE TRAINEE: What if they’re challenging and they started yelling and making a scene–

TRAINER: 9-1-1. They got standards. They got conduct standards! If they make a scene, get ’em up out of there. Call a police on ’em.

Michigan Compiled Laws 168.733: “The board of election inspectors shall provide space for the challengers within the polling place that enables the challengers to observe the election procedure and each person applying to vote.”

NOTE: I paused writing at the above point and when I came back to the article, the video was “removed for violating terms of service.” I had however previously downloaded video on PC, and thus continued from here. The video present at beginning of the article is reupload of the original.


Until 2020., no challenged ballot would go into tabulator as every ballot within is anonymous. Thus no tabulated ballot could be identified or challenged in the future. Thus, before 2020., all challenged ballots were separated and put into “challenged ballots” envelope for further processing by the Department of Elections.

As of 2020., however:

TRAINER: How do you challenge a ballot? You take the ballot, you write under the barcode, and you cover it with what kind of tape? Post-It! The Post-It tape! But this time, you’re going to put it in the secrecy sleeve, and Mr. Stark is going to vote as normal. So his ballot is going through what? The tabulator!

Translation: All challenged ballots WILL be counted immediately on Election Night, and only if, after the fact, a challenged ballot is rejected will an election official locate the ballot box, break the seal, and fish out the challenged ballot from the pile of thousands to find the one with the Post-It tape covering up the challenged ballot number.

This will NEVER happen. Unless MAYBE in a recount.


Page 15 is an example of a new voter registration receipt. In Michigan, what can we do now as new voters? We can register to vote up and through Election Day. The computer system, the electronic pollbook program, is downloaded on Saturday before Election Day. It is not a live fieed. So if someone registers on Sunday or Monday, they’re not gonna be in your computer. But they should have a receipt when they register. If they do not vote at the time they register they give them a receipt to bring to the precinct. (Note: the receipt is an easily-falsified piece of paper). So Mr. Stark, he came in, you looked, and you didn’t find him. So you’re gonna say: “Mr. Stark, are you a registered voter in Michigan?”. Mr. Stark is going to say, “Suuure. I’m Ironman, I flew in yesterday, and I’m registered to vote.” Right? “Mr. Stark, did they give you a receipt?”. Hopefully, he will have one. He would have either, right up under here.

The first type of receipt he might have is gonna say “processed to a challenged voter”. Everybody have like that? Then below that it says “note to election inspector”. How like that?(?) Because those are gonna be the directions on how you process the ballot. The one down below says, “process him as a regular voter”. (Note: documents / instructions show in the video clearly state that challenged ballot is to be entered as regular, but with a note that a ballot is challenged.). The regular ballot. Highlight that. So there are two separate types of receipts. The first we see is gonna tell you to process him as a challenged voter, the second we see will tell you to process him as a regular voter. They might have either one.

A vote processed as a “regular voter” on Election Day will be tabulated and cannot be un-counted later. It only takes a crude forgery for anyone to vote, anywhere. [image] This is the Qualified Voter File (QVF). It is the public database of every voter in Michigan. It also maps every address to its correct precinct. [image] This is the list of Detroit polling places. Anyone with know-how could generate thousands of fake late-registration receipts. Complete with valid address and polling location address.


TRAINER: We know that we have a lot of high school students as EPRs (NOTE: Electronic Pollbox Inspectors). And if you can’t go to the Receiving Board – cuz’ it’s late at night, right? If you can’t go, you need to tell your chairperson early in the day, “Hey, I can’t do the Receiving Board. They will choose someone else to go with them.

Most of the students at the Electronic Pollbox Inspector class that day were teenagers.

TRAINER: You actually can make up to 450 dolars if you took this laptop to the Receiving Board. But I stress: this only can happen if your EPI is a teenager. A lot of our EPIs are teenagers, in high school, so they can’t stay up until 2, 3 in the morning, so, you know, they need someone to drop it back off.


TRAINER: Because on the Election Day, you will have numbers for trouble-shooters like myself and different coordinators, but… honestly speaking, it’s going to be hard to get ahold of someone. Because there’s going to be 10 people calling us at the same time.


TRAINER: What do you notice about his name?

TRAINEE: “Absentee ballot.”

TRAINER: “”Absentee ballot” what?”

TRAINEE: “Send and received.”

TRAINER: “Send and received! Do not issue him a ballot! Mr. Allen, we have received your ballot, thank you very much! We’re voting! Would you like our voting sticker? Right? He’s already voted! Is no reason for him to vote in here. At all. Ever. That’s it. He’s done. But what if he guess what? Loud, rude, rude. THIS CAN’T BE! I’M IN VOTE! I WANNA VOTE! And guess, [unintelligible], right? What can you do? Your chairperson can issue him what type of ballot?”

Trainer assumes the voter has already voted absentee. Unsaid is the possibility the absentee ballot was stolen, or some other error possibly occured.

STUDENT: “A provisional envelope”.

TRAINER: “A provisional envelope! Why? Where’s it goin’?”

STUDENTS: “Not in the tabulator.”

TRAINER: “Not in the tabulator! It’s goin’ in that envelope, right? We have how many days? Six! So what is the Department of Elections going to do with it? Destroy it!”


  1. Be a poll challenger. Contact your county Republican Party to sign up.
  2. Be there on the Election Day. ALL DAY. 6am-9pm. With your voice recorder ON!
  3. Challenge ALL suspicious voters. They are required to record them as challenged!
  4. Spread the Word. #DetroitLeaks

Do your duty. Make America Great Again.

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