Elections vote fraud

Elections in a democracy simply do not work – that is a fact. Whenever elections are held, voter fraud is not long behind. This has shown itself in these elections as well. In Fulton County, Republican observers were told to go home because counting was over, but counting of votes was then continued in secret. Same happened in Massachussets. Other public observers had problems with entering the voting places in the first place. In Detroit, GOP poll workers were blocked from re-entering the polling place after lunch. Democrat operatives were “very hostile and threatening“, while vote counters with BLM masks and “racial justice” clothing were allowed into the center.

Fraud is also obvious from vote counts alone. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote counts in favour of Biden jumped literally overnight, turning two pro-Trump states into solidly pro-Biden states. In Michigan, Biden came from the very rear to win. Many votes are from people born in 1900., and voting places had windows barred up during counting – counters could have literally thrown Trump ballots to fire without anyone knowing. Out of 600 – 700 ballot workers in TCF, only a dozen were Republican – rest being Democrat. Literally every single margin which Biden needed had closed overnight. This suggests a situation much like one in Croatia, where dead people regularly participate in the elections, turning Croatia into a zombie democracy. EDIT: It has been revealed that voting software glitched… thus counting ballots for Democrats that were meant for Republicans. It is still unknown whether the glitch was an accident.

In Chatcham County, GOP observers had seen an unidentified woman mix in over 50 ballots into the stack of uncounted absentee ballots. In many counties, Republican observers had not been allowed access. At the same time, PA is allowed to count mail-in ballots that have arrived up to three days after the election, even if they don’t have a clear post mark. Decision was made by the Democrat-dominated Supreme Court in violation of the entire democratic process and logic, as well as in violation of federal laws. In Fulton County, fork lift had been operated “between the place the ballot scanners are located and the area our observers have been instructed to stand.”. There are also allegations of a vote counting machine being bypassed.

At voting places, people were forced to use sharpies despite procedure stating that only ballot pen may be used. While this does not mean that votes are automatically invalidated, fact that smudged ballots have to be rewritten with a ballot pen does open up more opportunity for cheating (as does any added step to the election process). Further, severe enough sharpie bleed could invalidate the ballot, forcing issuing of a new one – or alternatively a rejection. How that is the case is questionable, as fact that major candidates only have boxes checked suggests that bleed should not be an issue.

Fact that voter fraud is happening has been confirmed by several Freudian slips by Joe Biden:

Even recount will not help, as many Trump votes are being physically destroyed. Fraud was even caught on live television. At voting places, ballots were literally thrown into garbage. Nor can mail-in votes be an explanation: many Republicans did mail in their votes, yet only Democrat vote numbers show a jump after mail-in votes had been counted. Further, voter turnout was abnormally high: there are 3,5 million registered voters in Minnessota, of which 3,2 million voted. A 92% voter turnout, while not outright impossible, is very nearly so, and thus should automatically ring an alarm bell. Many strongly-Republican counties suddenly voted Democrat. Antrim County alone had to review 16 000 votes. Perhaps most damning however are the Biden quotes provided above.

Twitter however is suppressing the evidence of the fraud happening. At the same time, Democrats are “celebrating” by copy-pasting the message “i love seeing trump lose, it’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. his loss is the only reason i’m still alive, i was born to love and enjoy the unsuccess that he has achieved“. Dozens of such messages had been posted in all Twitter threads I had read about it; a clear evidence of mass brainwashing on part of the Left. On the other hand, a typo which reported Biden’s tally as 153 710 instead of 15 371, but was quickly corrected, is being used to suggest that all suggestions of voter fraud are incorrect (it does not help that Trump supporters are using said typo as evidence of fraud). This is especially ironic since Democrats had been, for four years, insisting that Trump’s victory in previous elections had happened due to – practically and statistically much less likely – Russian-backed fraud.

Fraud, of course, did not start with counting the votes. During voting itself, media had been playing with electoral map and declarations of who was leading in order to help Biden by influencing those who did not yet vote. This is standard form of voting fraud, practiced in all elections and most if not all democratic countries.

At any rate, United States are continuing their march towards becoming a Third World country.

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