Guardian Lying to Support Leftist Propaganda

Above photo was shown on the Guardian article which claims that it is proof of Croatian police harrassing migrants. Guardian claims that migrants have experienced whipping, beating, robbing and sexual abuse at the hands of the police. Victims had claimed “brutal and extremely violent behaviour, degrading treatment, and theft and destruction of personal belongings.”.

But these claims are nonsensical for two reasons. First, claims are made – without proof – by migrants themselves, who have vested interest in claiming to be beaten and victimized by the border police (victimization in general is the biggest business of the modern age, due to forced and too widespread – if often only faked for PR purposes – compassion). Second, injuries shown on the photograph – especially on the butt (what is visible of it) do not fit the beating. Rather, they are the telltale injuries of road rash (as seen here and here), if only a relatively very mild case of one.

But even actual injuries from beatings are misreported in order to gain the sympathies of idiots and/or liars on the Left. Most such injuries are actually a consequence of conflict between migrants themselves, or of people of Bosnia defending themselves from the migrants when latter break into their homes or attack them in person (one such case can be seen here). Smaller parts of injuries are indeed caused by the police when subduing violent and often dangerous migrants, but these are hardly the cases of unjustified violence – indeed, in many such cases police would be fully justified in outright shooting them.

This whole exercise shows how far Left the ideology of the West had gone. Rather than questioning the very principle of migration, they are focusing on what is happening to migrants – and instead of uncovering the truth, leftist media are spreading the lies designed to make the ongoing invasion of Europe easier.

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