Systemic Racism A Coverup For Systemic Plutocracy

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

All these hysterical BLM sympathizers are, civilizationally speaking, a laughing stock. Of course, there is systemic racism. Of course, it’s a problem. Of course it’s not the main problem. The main problem is the class war of the plutocracy and its obsequious servants against the rest of society, not to say the entire biosphere. 

Hysterical BLMs bark up the wrong tree… And so doing let the plutocracy free to augment its mind control. Obsessive BLMs were conditioned to concentrate on calling everybody a racist, as if it were the original sin of today’s society. It was the original sin four centuries ago, in 1619 CE… And even then, it is colonial authorities motivated by profits from tobacco plantations, who pushed for slavery.

He coming behind you, but bullets he coming from front through door, consecutive shooting at police. Who plays with guns die with guns? Maybe not. But add to…

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